Nashville's First Choice for Towing Cars

Heavy Duty Towing Service

Nashville’s most complete heavy duty towing services. We have the trucks, equipment, and experienced operators to handle the most complex heavy towing & recovery jobs.

Car & Light Duty Towing Services

We offer top-of-the-line car & light duty towing services to Nashville and all of its suburbs. Our fleet of rollbacks & flatbed tow trucks is well-equipped and capable of towing cars, light trucks, vans, SUVs, toolboxes, equipment, bobcats, forklifts and so much more.

Medium Duty Towing Services

We offer prompt professional medium duty towing services across the greater Nashville area. Box trucks, bobtails, duallys, small buses & RVs are just a few examples of what our medium duty tow trucks can handle.

Semi Towing Services

Our heavy duty wreckers are built to handle all of your heavy duty towing needs. Our fleet includes four rotators with capabilities up to 70 tons. Call the company serious truckers in Nashville call for all their tractor-trailer towing needs.

Heavy Recovery Services

Our heavy recovery equipment and experience make all the difference when you need help recovering heavy trucks and equipment. Rotators up to 70 tons and experienced certified operators with decades of experience in Nashville will assure your vehicle or equipment is rescued damage-free.

Cargo Load Shifts & Transfers

Load shifted? Overweight at the scales? Spilled your load? We have everything needed to take care of your load shifts, transfers, and recovery. Rotators from 50 to 70 tons, forklifts, and certified experienced operators make us your best choice for load shift help anywhere in Nashville and Central Tennessee.

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